About Five Fifteen Candles

I have always had a love for candles, I frequently purchased them for home décor and relaxing purposes. I burn candles when I am happy, sad, celebrating, you name it, I truly believe there is always a reason to burn candles. Proud to say that I am a self-taught candle maker, and with this newfound knowledge I decided to start a business for my son who was born May 15 of the year 2018. Although he is not old enough to assist with the actual candle making process yet, he does have quite a few of responsibilities that he can assist with now such as selecting the scents we use, placing the warning labels on each candle, jarring our matches and his favorite packing orders. My main reason for starting this business for my son was to show him what hard work looks like and the hope of obtaining generational wealth for him. My goal is that as he grows so will five fifteen candles, and then when he is old enough he can take over completely.