A Night At The Zoo, and It Only Cost Me a Million Dollars

People often wonder or question way I complain so much about Single Mom'In, YES I have several reasons why I complain, and the main reason always comes back to having all the financial responsibilities on me. Financial responsibilities of course are paying for a place for us to live, utilities, food, but it also includes fun outings, which to be honest is the only thing toddlers care about. Every fun outing doesn't have to cost I have been able to organize tons of activities that are free, but of course every now and then I do want to and enjoy taking him to the fun outings that cost. For the month of July on Fridays the Los Angeles Zoo is open at night, and since working from home we try to make it a habit to get out and not just on the weekends. Despite how much money I had to spend (ALONE) we had a great time and below are some of the photos to prove it.

Until Next Time, Stay Lit!



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