Cooking Update

My favorite activity to do with LoveBug so far is cooking. I can tell he enjoys cooking because when I teach him something new he pays close attention and remembers it. Cooking is an important skill to have  I could not be more proud of his enjoyment when he is cooking. Over the course of Two Years he has learned to make Bacon, Pasta, pizza, Waffles, and has mastered making Scrambled Eggs. Recently I had the pleasure and patience to capture him making  Sausage and Veggie Pasta for the first time.  I never know when I will have enough energy and patience to not only record him, but also teach him a new dish so this as you can tell from the photos was spontaneous please excuse the mess. As any good chef knows you must first wash your hands Please be advised the handling of sharp objects and dangerously high temperatures were handles by me. when making a pasta dish the 1st thing you want to do it get your water ready for the pasta to cook. For this pasta we boiled 4 cups of salt water. While waiting for the water to come to a boil we cooked the sausage in a non stick pan and once cooked to our liking we added in our vegetables which were carrots broccoli and cauliflower. when the pasta water came to a boil he then was able to place the pasta in the boiling hot water and let it cook for 7 minutes. Checking back in on the sausage and vegetables we added 2 tablespoons of butter one cup of heavy cream and a half a cup of shredded parmesan cheese. pasta is now done we drain it and add pasta noodles to the sausage and vegetables and wah la dinner is ready and was prepared by a three year old. I know I am lucky :)  I also noticed that when dealing with a picky eater the best way to get him to try new foods is by allowing him to cook it as I have taught him as a chef you must always taste the food you make. 

Stay Lit! 

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