Customer Update

The coolest thing happened; I received a candle order from another Chandler (candle maker) so, we do a dance for EVERY order we received but when you get an order from someone who also shares your passion, craft and creativity we had to do a new dance for that order. I'll be honest it took a little while longer than I like to admit to realize that there is more than one way to do something; meaning more than one person will share the candle making passion that I also have but yes we all can support one another. I have always even before becoming a small business owner supported other small businesses in fact there was a time in my life that I would only eat at non-chain restaurants. Being honest I have yet to order other candles from other candle makers (Until Now) and not because I think mine are the best ever I just have yet to get around to supporting other chandlers in that way. Starting our business and getting back on social media showed me how many people share this craft; there are a lot of Chandler's and there are a few that I am actively engaging with on a daily basis not because the IG algorithm requires it but because it is good to have people that understand all the behind the candle things we deal with to talk and maybe even vent to. Wanting to keep the positive vibe domino effect going I recently placed an order with Black Pride Candles, which shipping was super fast and the candle arrived very quickly not to mention the presentation of the package was beautiful something you only get from small businesses. I am happy to not only support a small business but to support a black woman owned small business.


Tons of love, Stay Lit. 

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