Single Mom'In at a Donuts With Dad Event

I read this incredible story about this incredible Single Mom who had only minutes to make her son happy and she pulled it off. Dropping her son off at school and at the same time finding out that the event at school that day was "Donuts With Dad" and of course her son didn't share news of the event ahead of time with his mom as he probably thought it was pointless because he is aware his father is not in the picture. No parent wants their child to be excluded and feel excluded due to something they have absolutely no control over. This incredible Single Mom had only minutes to make it better and asked her son if he wanted her to dress up as a dad for the day? Click on the link below to read the full story, This is something I would definitely do for my LoveBug, but I would need way more than a 10minute notice because I would have to have a few meltdowns beforehand. School events like these give me major anxiety and we aren't even there yet but I'm sure my LoveBug will have disappointing days where he can't celebrate things like a traditional family, the traditional family I wanted for him. While reading this awesome act of Single Mom'In it was mentioned that more than 20 million children are in a fatherless home which probably means that there are about 5 million Dad's out there making more and more broken families. It breaks my heart but stories like these from incredible single moms helps me realize you don't have to sit around feeling sorry for yourself you can always find a way to make it better you know taking lemons and making margaritas 😋 This story has gone viral so I wouldn't be surprised if you've already read it but if anyone knows this woman or knows someone that knows her I would love to gift her a candle for her awesome act of Single Mom'In. 

Read Full Story Here.

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