Single Mom'In At Disneyland

There is no such thing as over planning when it comes to surviving an entire day at Disneyland with a toddler. 
When it came to planning our Disneyland adventure I knew it would be a lot of money so it was important for me to grocery shop, do laundry, and pay bills before we go because I physically can't spend money I don't have so by taking care of all my normal financial responsibilities before Disneyland, I wouldn't have to stress that I spent our rent money.
Praying for energy, prior to this trip, it had been 15 years since I went to Disneyland,(I know I was toddler myself haha) and this Disneyland trip was my first as a Single Mom with a toddler, just him and I no friends, no family. There was this one time I lost LoveBug at the mall, and while the mall I misplaced him at was huge Disneyland is probably 20 malls so I was actually terrified of him and I getting separated at Disneyland, but our new motto is Fun over Fear so it was time to have fun instead of stressing with fear. If there is an opportunity to have fun but we're a little scared we're going to do it anyways because Fun over Fear. Planning for the return from Disneyland is also important so I made sure to schedule some cleaning time before leaving so that way when we returned I didn't have to lose the excitement of a day at Disneyland only to return to a sink full of dishes. 
Disneyland isn't just for your little it's for you too and you will want to do any and everything to make it easy on yourself. In my case driving is not my Jam so to make it easy on myself I choose for us to Uber to and from Disneyland choosing to do so eliminated my stress of driving, parking, paying for parking,  and then trying to remember where I parked.  
Don't forget the Stroller 
Doesn't matter how independent your toddler is, Disneyland is entirely too huge to not bring a stroller. Yes they have strollers that you can rent, but they are made of hard plastic and will eventually irritate your toddler which will eventually irritate you.
Yes, it's still Disneyland if you don't match but since 90% of other visitors (AND staff) will be in matching outfits you and yours should be too. Dressing a like will also help you and others keep an eye on your little in the event you do get separated.
If you're like me and love to collect memories to look back on you're probably worried that if just you and your little go to Disneyland you'll be forced to ask others if they could take a picture of you, but now for any of the staple points such as the Front Entrance or Castle etc. a Disneyland attendant will take your photo and load it to the Disneyland App.
No one wants to wait in line, especially a toddler, and a Day at Disneyland is full of lines. I made sure to preoccupy our line waiting time with games and treats. Our go to game for waiting in lines was "Red Light Green Light" it helped him keep the flow of the line. Another great function Disneyland has added is the "Genie Pass" it is $20 extra per ticket but extremely worth it. The Genie Pass will allow you to reserve times for certain rides and attractions and with a toddler by your side asking what's next is the perfect function. 
Check out our Magical time through our photos below.
Tons of Love, Stay Lit!
The look of someone who woke up too early, and is not sure of what were about to do, don't worry he gets happier. 

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