Single Mom'In At Kidspace

Kidspace, the children's museum that was designed to engage children in kid-driven experiences. In addition to it being the ultimate playground for toddlers, they also offer certain classes throughout the year, and have holiday themed events. We had an opportunity to take a mid week break; me from the everyday stresses of Working Full Time + Single Mom'In + getting back in the swing of things with our candles, and our CEO got the chance to take a break from whatever stresses a four year old. Along with both of our besties we headed to Kidspace to check out there Halloween event and it did not disappoint. Costumes were encouraged so our CEO and his bestie choose to go as the lead Characters of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. We arrived just in time for their Halloween Parade, which took place every half hour or so, where all the children were able to show off their costumes by marching and dancing with the Grand Marshall. From there we headed inside to take a look at some creepy crawlers (spiders and other interesting insects) and then back outside for some bike riding, where I realized this was the first time I saw my LoveBug ride a tricycle (Proud Mom moment before the Mom Guilt excuse me "Single Mom'In Guilt kicked in because I don't even know how long he has known how to ride a tricycle or when he officially learned). Before the dreaded goodbye we also checked out their indoor caves and mazes, some dinosaur fossils and the creepy crawlers one last time. Kidspace will always be my go to outing for him because not only is it close enough to us to visit almost whenever we want, but it is also the perfect place to allow him to play independently while I watch from a distance.  

Check out how much fun he had in the photos below.  

Tons of Love, Stay Lit!


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