Single Mom'In & Confidence

Confidence: "a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities". "she's brimming with confidence"
A statement regarding confidence and myself would read more like "she's not brimming with confidence". Confidence is a hard one, much like positivity if you fake it well enough it will come or should I say if you practice it often it will come. I recently had some kid free fun and spent a day at the Malibu Wine and Beer Garden and I wore a dress that REQUIRED me to be confident. There was no slouching or frowning in this dress, this dress commanded STAND TALL! OWN IT!  This dress got a lot of attention, a lot of compliments, a lot of stares and majority of the time I was wearing it I was faking my confidence (or practicing my confidence) It made me think a lot about my business and how I haven't been confident with my candles. Operating a small business is very challenging and definitely requires thick skin, confidence, and tons of hard work to say the least. Low or no orders at times makes me doubt our candles, rising temperatures and hot weather limit my opportunity to attend pop ups, or even pass out candles. There will always be something in the way or potentially in the way, but when you have confidence you're able to see past obstacle's and get passed it, because you're standing tall and owning it . Moving forward I'm moving with more confidence in everything I do it looks good on me (check the photos below) Moving forward you should too, if you struggle with confidence I encourage you to wear something, do something, or say something that requires you to have confidence, start practicing confidence Today.
Lots of Love, Stay Lit!

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