Single Mom'in Me Date

Took myself on a much needed and cutest day date just a quick trip to the theater nothing too extravagant. 
Finally got dressed up in one of the many Shein dresses I have over indulge in when online shopping lately and paired it with the cutest comfy white boots that in my opinion (and onlookers) made the entire outfit.
Along with millions I headed out to watch Harry Styles acting debut in "Don't Worry Darling" all the drama behind the scenes of this movie intrigued me to see it and it was actually quite entertaining almost as much as the BTS dram.
Throughout my walk through the Americana I received raved reviews of my outfit and I must say it was the exact confidence booster I needed. As I approach my 37th trip around the sun I don't take my me time for granted like I use to and I encourage everyone to do the same. 
As a single mom it can sometimes feel impossible to crave out time for yourself 
but like anything else you have to keep trying and make it a habit because when you finally do you realize that's all you needed.
Tons of Love, Stay Lit  be on the look out for more candle updates.

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Kantresha Joyner

Love it Beautiful!! Alit if times we as mothers skip ourselves but take time out for you boo! 🥰

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