Single Mom'In & Memories

2 years ago I secured the domain I took a self taught hobby and turned it into a business for my one and only. I jumped on this entrepreneur journey all while trying to keep afloat with this Single Mom'In journey I tried to merge the two and created this Single Mom'In Blog where I vent about my frustrations with My Single Mom'In experience (This blog was NOT created to bash his father contrary to what others might think). Almost weekly I get overwhelmed and consider quitting this adventure to just focus on my 9-5:30 and raising the best human I can raise, but DAILY I think about the overall goal to hand my one and only a successful business and say here you go this was all for you, when you were two years old and the world was in a pandemic I took a hobby and turned it in to a business for you, do as you wish... I don't think I'll be able to buy him a car at 16 or pay his college tuition or help him with the down payment for a home or any of the other cool things I saw two parent household do for their children on TV,(unless we become the greatest candle company there ever was!) but rather it be a success or the second most stupidest thing I've ever done I get to give him the gift of responsibility. Every step of the way he has been there, we dance and celebrate every order that comes in, and we cry and complain when we go months without orders. Being Mom and Son wasn't enough so I made us business partners so when he's too old for bed time stories well still have business meetings. 

 Happy 2023, Stay Lit with Five Fifteen Candles!

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