Single Mom'In & Pop Up Events

The first pop up event with our CEO actually assisting was Saturday April 1st and it was a success. He was a better help than I thought he would be. The week prior to the event we spent time practicing his greeting, when someone approached our table he wanted to say "Welcome to Five Fifteen Candles" and to the best of his four year old ability he did. I've done a handful of pop ups solo so I'm fairly used to the Hussle and normally wait till the morning of to load the car but knowing this time I would have my mini helper I didn't have the luxury of waiting till the last minute so trying to make it someone easy on myself I decided to load the car the night before. I normally opt to skip breakfast before a pop up because I'm either rushing or just too excited to eat but again having a toddler with me the entire day and knowing how hangry he can become I made sure to wake up an extra hour earlier to make sure he ate and for the first time in my pop up history I also ate breakfast and guess what moving forward I'll make sure to always eat breakfast because I had more energy and wasn't hangry. Once we arrived at the pop up location an hour before the event start time to set up it was time to unload the car and put our candles on display. Setting up is no easy task especially for a toddler but he helped in every way he could carrying the lighter bags to our spot and encouraging me when I had to perform duties he couldn't assist with. This particular pop up event was special for a number of reasons one being that it was located in my hometown of Pasadena CA so while I normally have to Google map or obtain location info from someone familiar with the area I didn't have to do that this time because I knew exactly where it was before even arriving. The main reason this event was special as mentioned before this was the first event Brandon JR was assisting me normally he arrives with the guest and stays for a few hours then leaves but he was in attendance from set up to break down. As an entrepreneur of a small business I am now aware that it isn't just Creating Candles I have to excel at it's all the other tasks that come with owning a small business and I'm starting to realize as much as I wish I could do every task on my own I do need to build a team that I can instruct on how to assist me. My first step in building my team and lessening my plate was to hire a photographer to capture the moments of JR's first pop up so while my hands were full with assisting customers and making sure JR was either in sight and entertained I didn't have to try and remember to snap photos for our socials or website. The event was so much fun and the event hosts were amazing we can't wait to vendor with them again JR is still talking about how much fun he had and how great of a job we both did. I am very pleased with how much of an incredible worker he is and I hope the excitement of working on his business never ends. A special thank you to everyone who came and supported us, stopped by our table, complicated our amazing smelling candles, listened to our story and wished us well. The hardest part for me being a single momprenure is finding the courage, encouragement, and overall strength to continue. Since deciding to take this journey 2 years ago now when April arrives I have to invest in recommitting to another year of candles and this last pop up event helped me decide to give Five Fifteen Candles another year of hard work sleepless nights and all the other challenges that come with being a small business owner.
Lots of Love, Stay Lit!

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