Single Mom'In & Safety

We're in the process of switching all of our candles to Tin containers here's why. As a self taught certified Chandler (candle maker) I know the safety precautions to take when creating and burning candles, but as a human being who is Single Mom'In most of the time, I make mistakes and one day we left our home in a rush and we left a candle burning. 
The candle we left burning was our newest scent to be released Whiskey & Donuts which is in our fifteen ounce gold tin with 3 wicks. This particular candle had been burned previously so it wasn't quite finished, but it wasn't new either. We left in a hurry, and because it was left burning by accident we were in no rush to return so we were gone close to 10 hours. Once we returned the first thing I noticed was how amazing it smelled inside our home, and then I realized why it smelled so incredible "I left the candle burning" again not on purpose but it does happen and guess what nothing broke, nothing caught on fire we still reside here. Many times when candles burn too long and are in glass containers the glass can only stand so much heat before it breaks. Breakage will not happen with Tin, The candle was left burning on my TV entertainment center where they always burn our candles and it was candle to entertainment center there was nothing in-between the two and of course the surface where the candle was placed was warm but no physical or damage of any kind was done to the furniture. Safety is always important and accidents will always happen and I know there are times people (myself included) burn candles longer than the warning ⚠️ labels suggest and I just learned first hand how much a strong truly heart resisted vessel is needed for our incredible scented candles that are hard to stop burning, So burn a little longer with Tin! 
Stay Lit!
The Results After Burning more than 10 Hours!!!

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