Single Mom'In & Storms

Recently here in Los Angeles there has been an unusual storm, and I know in other parts of the world they deal with this on a daily but for us Angelinos rain is terrifying. Our daily activities always end up being adjusted when the forecast shows rain, the older I get the less it bothers me, but having a very energized toddler son sitting at home burning candles and reading books is not going to entertain him. I found an article with 19 low prep indoor activities and wanted to share, these indoor games can be played when your city isn't having the best weather or when you just don't have time to get outdoors. Click on the link below to check out which one of the low prep 19 indoor games you will play with your little next time you're having an at home day.

Lots of Love, Stay Lit!


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Claire Barrientos

Love this thanks!!!

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