Single Mom'in Update

New Month new goals both personal and professional. Over the weekend I was able to take my LoveBug (our CEO) Bowling for the first time. It was both exciting and challenging, sometimes I forget he is only 3 years old due to how well he articulates himself in most situations, However for the most part when playing a game or doing something for the first time he tends to act like a normal growing toddler. For the first part of our bowling experience I was trying to explain about taking turns as we were with friends everyone needed to have a turn when bowling. He cried every time it was not his turn. I was both frustrated and sad, realizing that it will always be just me comforting him no partner to help, but when life gives you lemons.... make Margaritas and that is just what we did. The establishment was blessed with a bar so drinks were had (by the adults only of course) Once he started to take turns and encourage others when it was their turn instead of crying we all had a great time. I would definitely take him bowling again after all it's about making memories.

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Faith Young

He’s so adorable 🥰 even crying 😢 you have so much patience with him GOOD JOB

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