Social Media Update

I have never been a social media person, and now having a business is no different. I of course want our business to grow and thrive, but right now trying to adhere to the demands of social media; I am almost at my breaking point, so I have decided to focus more on updating our customers via our incredible emails and now my blog. For those who follow us on social media some may consider me boring, since I don't have time to go live and I don't create funny reels, most probably won't notice that we have taken a break. Hoping that by focusing more on this blog I can provide a more personal touch to our business. One of my main goals is to start attending more Pop-Up events I really enjoy meeting our future customers face to face. I'm also trying to figure out some kind of productive schedule for social media because I do enjoy connecting with other small business owners and even other candle makers. 

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