Sushi Making Class Update

Within my journey to a better me I am trying new things and one of the most recent new things I tried was learning to make sushi. An addition to trying new things its also nice to have some adult kid free time so my best friend and I do one kid-less outing at least once a month. With us both having toddlers that are 3 months apart when we see or talk to each other now it's mostly always all about the kids which on one level is nice because being best friends and having kids at the same time (which was not planned) we are lucky enough to experience motherhood at the same time but on the other hand it is too easy to lose yourself when becoming a mom so it is essential to maintain\ find and create an identity of your own outside of being a mom. Our kid-less one night a month allows us to do both, April's kid-less hang happened to be this sushi making class something we both enjoy to eat so why not learn how it's made. The class itself was fun and full, for some reason I never think other people are interested in the things I am interested in so I initially thought it would be maybe five people including us and the instructor. That was not the case for this class it was packed, it was mostly couples which I (rolls eyes) agree is a cute date night idea. In addition to it being our first time taking a cooking class, it was also the inductors first class with that particular company so it was a learning experience for all. A true fun first, fellow Mama's I highly recommend not only Me Time but also Fun Girl Time you will be a better mother for it.


Tons of Love, Stay Lit.


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