Toddler Tip; "A visit to the pet store can be just as fun as the Zoo"

Single Mom'in usually means Single money, so lavish outings may not happen all the time, but just like everything else in life there is always away around it.   Toddler Tip; "A visit to the pet store can be just as fun as the zoo". Most times we just need to get out of the house this is especially true for us since we live, work, and run our business from home. Unfortunately since money isn't where I would love for it to be (I am very grateful for what I do have) I can't always take him to the most fun places, but we can make most places fun. I was able to test this theory one Saturday while out running errands. After paying bills, we did some light shopping, had a quick bite to eat, then we went to the pet store. Prior to walking in I had to make it extremely clear we were ONLY there to LOOK NOT PURCHASE and when it was time to go he barely had a tantrum. 


Tons of Love, Stay Lit!




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