Having a toddler can be a lot of fun once you master how to entertain them. In addition to being a self taught Chandler (candle maker) I am also a self proclaimed funtivities expert. One of my best friends and fellow Single Mom'in got LoveBug the coolest gift for his birthday. It's a projector with different color lights, shapes of cars and shapes of dinosaurs we love it. We used it a few times, and most recently I purchased some glowsticks and we had a "Toddler Rave". Once it was dark enough for the projector shapes and the glow sticks to be seen we put on a Disney playlist on spotify and had a dance party, it was so much fun but most things with my LoveBug are. The rave was both a fun dance party and cute learning tool as he was able to recite the colors and shapes he saw.


Until Next Time, Stay Lit!

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