Single Mom'In & The Golden Girls

Getting dressed up and going out to brunch is never a bad idea especially when you get to step inside the location of a beloved TV show. TV lovers like myself get a chance to relive their favorite shows when they attend a TV Shows Pop Up. This past weekend I had the chance to attend the Golden Girl's Pop up event that Included a Drag Show, My first time at Drag Brunch and with the Golden Girl's what's not to love. The décor is everything Golden Girl's of course, with a live DJ and multiple TVs all playing different episodes of the signature hit. Although Mimosa's weren't on the menu they did have other delicious themed drinks that did not disappoint and the food was.... Well mediocre but it was set in a retirement home so what could I expect. Drag performances occurred every 30 minutes or when each Golden Girl would sang and danced and interacted with the us at the tables and the bars. I am trying to find more Brunches of my favorites show but until then.....


Tons of Love, Stay Lit!

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