Single Mom'In & Preparing For Kindergarten

 Mornings are rough especially when you're not the only one that has to get ready and off to school. My CEO is starting kindergarten and I'm mourning the amazing chill mornings I used to have. Prior to being overwhelmed with the thought of solely being the one responsible for getting him to and from school on a daily basis, my mornings were for sunrise runs, long shower's, reading a few chapters enjoying breakfast and writing these incredible blogs y'all love to read (JK I know there are only 4 of you reading this 😂). Now that kindergarten is approaching I've been in the process of altering my chills mornings for some serious Single Mom'In and figuring out what we need to do and how much time we have to do it before we have to leave every morning. After a few trails (and no school hasn't started yet) I've settled on a few definite things I will do this school year and I wanted to share it in case there are any other Parents that need it. 
THE NIGHT BEFORE; The night before is crucial the more you can do the night before the less you'll have to do the morning of such has shower, clothes picked out/uniform ready and even what breakfast they'll eat. 
BREAKFAST; My favorite meal of the day but since we don't have all the time in the world anymore it has been reduced to some quick favorites of his. I've been blessed with a picky eater but he has some regular items he loves and are quick to make. 
ORGANIZED; Studies have shown that being organized and clutter free helps  you make better decision which can also help you save time. 
ROUTINES; it takes close to sixty days to create a habit so as hard as it is stay as close to the routine you create as much as possible this will allow your little to pickup the routine much faster. 
Wishing a happy school year for you and your littles.
Lots of Love, Stay Lit!

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