Single Mom'In & Pop-Up Preparations

I've had the pleasure of doing a handful of pop-ups solo or with a friend assisting but for the first time in Five Fifteen Candles history I am preparing to have the CEO himself experience his first pop up. Our CEO is on the edge four waiting to turn five and wants to be more involved in our candle business which I Absolutely receive and adore. Preparing for a Pop Up means taking inventory, making new candles, promoting making sure you get people to the event, and coming up with a unique fun experience not only for myself and now my assistant (the CEO) but also the potential customers. As a fun way to promote our business and introduce ourselves to our potential customers we have created a Self Care Easter Basket that is being raffled off. $5 enters you into the raffle and one winner will be chosen at random and will win this self care Easter Basket which includes of course candles and wax melts but also some of my favorite self care essentials such as TreeHut Body Butter and Body Scrub, House Of Crows eye brow shaper, Yesul All Skin Types Face Mask, Coconut lip mask, and Oliology moisturizing foot mask. After each Pop Up I get to share the events of the day with my LoveBug but for the 1st time we will get a chance to work side by side, we've been working on customer greetings and setting goals, planning ways to celebrate selling out, thinking positive and praying he has a great time and we make this a regular thing, so please tell your family and friends to come support the hardest working CEO Saturday April 1st starting at 12pm. 
Lots of Love, Stay Lit! 

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