Single Mom'In & Reading

Reading has become one of my favorite diversions from my reality, Reading allows me to indulge in the love lives of fictional characters since my own love life has been nonexistent. February 2023 I made the decision to get back into reading and "Seven Days In June" was the book I begin with. After reading "Seven Days In June" Tia Williams became one of my favorite authors. The way she tells a story, every single detail as if you were right there was exactly what I needed instead of sulking about another failed Valentines Day. When it was announced that "The Perfect Find" (another novel by Tia Williams) was being made into a movie and debuting on Netflix June 23 2023 I knew I had to read the book prior to the movie coming out, and that is exactly what I did, after all it was already on my "To Be Read" List. Side note I love when I set a goal and complete it. I thought The Perfect Find was amazing it tells the story of Jenna Jones former fashion It Girl who loses it all when a failed 10 year relationship causes her to break down. Attempting to pick herself up and restart, rebrand, and gain control of her life 40 year old Jenna is ready to begin her second act, only problem is her longtime nemesis turned frenemy holds the keys to Jenna's re-entrance into the Fashion World. After coming to terms with having to stay in the good graces of someone you despise Jenna has a drunken night and makes out with a younger guy, no big deal right it always happens if not directly to us then to someone we know. Only issue is for Jenna this will be a big deal because after starting her new job Jenna quickly finds out that the younger guy she made out with not only works there, but is also the son of her boss/frenemy. Although I believe that when it's a book/movie situation the book will always be better I was still incredibly excited to watch the movie that I even channeled Jenna Jones character and had a mini watch party. Of course no gathering is complete without candles so while both, reading the book and watching the movie the Candle scent of choice was our newest signature scent Whiskey & Donuts which will be released soon. 

Lots of Love, Stay Lit  

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