Single Mom'In & Regret

I know I launched our candles too soon I was excited and it cost me. Here's what happened Instagram made me aware of EVERYONE else that was also making candles and I started to rush because I wanted to post about our candles. Prior to officially having our website I made a collection and it sold out so I thought I was ready but actually I wasn't and selling out had more to do with our support system supporting us than the actual quality of our candles. There were a few things I was doing wrong in the actual candle making process and it definitely showed. Most of our customers at the time didn't mention any of my mishaps maybe they thought JR was making the candles and just wanted to support my 3 year old (at the time). It wasn't JR making them it was me and at the time I was using the wrong wax then I started wasting expensive wax by not properly making the candles and probably lost many customers who would actually enjoy our candles now. After much praying and researching wax and wicks I did it! I finally learned how to properly make a candle. Now trying to rebrand and promote our candles is actually a lot harder than I expected. Some may think "I purchased a candle when they first launched and it sucked" if you think that you're correct but that is no longer the case for our candles now. Our candles smell just as great as the big companies that mass produce their candles and ours are still hand poured by only me. Our candles smell just as great as the popular named candles in every store, and not to put those candles down because once upon a time I used to purchase those candles too but now that I have achieved perfecting our formula in our opinion our candles may even be better knowing they were all made by a single mom who just started kindergarten and still works a regular 9-5:30. As a single mom there are things I HAVE to do; get JR up and ready for school everyday, make sure he has clean clothes food and a comfortable place to rest I don't necessarily have to make candles but it has become a therapeutic way to deal with Single Mom'In and turning it into a business has become something that JR and I can work on together. The only thing to continue to do now is pray and learn how to convey the passion I have for making candles and hope that in the near future it pays off financially.

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