Single Mom'In & The Holiday Season

It's that time of year again, The Holidays are here and if you're Single Mom'In like me then it's possible you don't enjoy this time of year either. This is my 5th Year Single Mom'In during the holidays and now that I have grown accustomed and even created a few Holiday event Do's and Don't, now I am about to enter a new era. My kindergartner has opinions and suggestions and is no longer the small baby or toddler that would just go any and every where with me. My goal this year is to go as many places that our schedule and wallet allows. Take too many pictures, and journal about it so when it is nothing but a memory I am able to truly go back and relive it. Make the most of every minute and continue to create traditions to share with others when asked about my holiday. 


Stay Lit This Holiday Season. 


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